Car Affordability: How Much To Spend on a Car Based On Salary [Calculator]

Car Affordability - Image

Car affordability calculation is one of those necessary preparatory work that must be done before a new car purchase. Generally when we buy a car, we do not care about affordability calculation. But this is a mistake. Car is a financial liability, but it is also a very convenient way of transportation. Moreover for many, […]

Consumer Spending: Where do people spend money on? Spending Habits [India]

Consumer Spending - IMAGE

There is an interesting report of World Bank on consumer spending habits of developing nations. It also gives detailed numbers on where do people spend money in India. A report like this gives a nice visualisation of how Indians (and other population across the globe) spend their money. Though the report is dated 2010 but […]

Overspending: How To Stop Overspending Money [Financial Calculator]

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When I first asked myself ‘how to stop overspending money’, I did not realise that answering this question will be so difficult. [What helped: My financial planning calculator]. Why its answer was ‘difficult’? Because it required some ‘deep thinking’. Why?Because overspending is caused more due to psychological limitations. When we spend more, it is kind […]

Expense Tracking: Use Excel to Budget & Track Expenses [Start]

Expense Tracker in Excel

If you want start your expense tracking from today, you’ve landed on a right page. Here not only you will learn about expense tracking, but you can also download a tool to start doing it from today. What is this tool? This is my personal budgeting and expense tracking Excel based worksheet. It is a […]

Income and Expense Tracking using Mobile APP

Income and expense tracking is necessary to keep ones money management in control.  Money management means what? It deals with spending money wisely in accordance with ones income and financial goals. Here it is important to note this phrase “spending money wisely”.  What’s so important in this phrase? Only if one can learn to spend […]

How to Plan Purchase of Air Conditioner for Home?

Why it is important to plan purchase of air conditioner (AC) for home? One time cost of a typical 1.5T AC is not so high. It will cost around Rs.30,000. Though it is not cheap, but still people do manage to afford it. But the actual expense of an air conditioner is its operating & […]

How to Spend Wisely on Holiday Trips?

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How important it is to spend wisely on holiday trips? As a purchaser, travellers could die to get tips on it. Let it be long or short duration trips, saving money is always possible. But for sure, on longer duration trips, potential to save money in more. These days, in India as well, people have […]

Travel Abroad with Prepaid Forex Card

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Why we must know about prepaid forex card? Because it is a nice way to carry money abroad. In India, it is also called as “Travel Currency Card”. Planning one’s purchases before traveling abroad, is one of the aspects of personal finance management. Consider this, you are an Indian living in New Delhi. You have […]

How to Calculate Daily Expense for self?

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What is your daily expense? Have you every tried to calculate the quantum of it? How to calculate daily expense? Realisation of the quantum of daily expense is both interesting and important. Just the realisation of this number will help you keep a check on your unnecessary expenses. How? We will see in this blog post… […]