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How to Value a Fixed Deposit (FD)?

What is a fixed deposit, and how to value a fixed deposit? Interesting question, right? We have heard about stock valuation. But “who” values fixed deposits of banks? Whether it is necessary? Is it worth […]

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How to Calculate Daily Expense for self?

What is your daily expense? Have you every tried to calculate the quantum of it? How to calculate daily expense? Realisation of the quantum of daily expense is both interesting and important. Just the realisation […]

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How to Save Money in India from ones salary?

Experts write billion words about investment. But it is surprising that how little is written about how to save money. Saving  comes naturally to Indians. But the global issue with savings is inconsistency. How to save money […]

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High Interest Paying Savings Account

In income investing, maintaining liquidity is also very important. Withdraw of funds prematurely without getting penalized is a priority. Liquidity is a big limitation in high interest paying debt plans. This is reason why people […]