Post Office Monthly Income Scheme [PO-MIS]: Generate Fixed Income

Indian Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Account

In India we have an investment option called “Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)”. Among other investment options, PO-MIS can also be considered suitable for investment by retired people. But PO-MIS is not limited for retired people alone. Anyone with age above 18 years can open a PO-MIS account. An account can be open even […]

Alternative Income: The Concept & Ideas For Second Income Generation [2021]

Alternative Income - Image

Introduction: Why to bother about building an alternative income source? Because every extra penny added to the wallet will add weight. Moreover, the long term goal for “second income” is to become big enough so as to cover the total expense requirements of life on its own. But what if the alternative income is not […]

Calculate Salary of Housewife Mom

Calculate Salary of a Housewife Mom -image

Have you ever tried to calculate salary of housewife mom? I know, not many will care to quantify this job. Job? Is it really a job? Yes it is. But mostly, it is taken for granted. What will happen if government made a rule that all housewife moms should get a paycheck. Yes husbands, what […]

Swagbucks India: A Way to Earn Money Online [Now]

This article is about how one can earn money online in India using Swagbucks. As on date, I’ve earned about 19,700 SB’s which is equivalent to about Rs.12,000 Indian Rupees (check my Swagbucks earning details) In Year 2016 and I was new to Swagbucks. Today in 2021, I’m still hooked to Swagbucks. Why? Because it does […]

How To Get Monthly Income From Investments? Where To Invest Money For Regular Income?

Monthly Income From Investments - Image

Why I’m talking about monthly income from investments? Because I’m an ardent fan of the concept of financial freedom. For anyone, the only way to find this freedom is to look elsewhere for monthly income. Where to look? Alternative sources (other than job/business). One of the best alternative source of monthly income is investment. “Income […]

Salary that can Buy Home in Top Indian Cities

Salary that can Buy Home in Top Indian Cities -mumbaiimage

This report will highlight a salary that can buy home in top Indian cities. We all like to have a property in big cities, right? But this is tough, as property price in these cities are sky high. People who live in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc know how expensive can be a residential property. […]