What is Personal Finance? Why it is Important?

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If personal finance is a thing, it has three legs. The first leg is savings (spending less than earning). The second leg is investment (making money work). The third leg is emergency fund (capital for unplanned events).

Bad Bank: What Is It And How Does It Work?

The term “bad bank” is not about a bank gone bad. In fact, the work that is done by this bank is equally good. Someone might say, they do an even tougher job than orthodox banks. Why I’m writing about it? People who invest in the stock market have some portion of their portfolio invested […]

The Concept of Affordability: Managing Personal Finance

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The concept of affordability states that a thing is affordable if its cost is lower enough for us to buy it. Please note the underlined words “cost is lower“. It means a thing becomes affordable if its cost is low. Let’s add another layer to it. Suppose there is an item whose cost is say […]

Berkshire Hathaway: Interesting Facts About The Company

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Berkshire Hathaway is an American company run by the legend Warren Buffett. But why an Indian blogger (me) is writing about the company? Recently I was reading Berkshire’s Annual Report (2020). In the first few pages itself, it became evident that it is an uncommon company. The report had no flashy images, no charts, no […]

If A Bank Closes What Happens To The Deposits? [DICGC]

Once a person said, I have a fixed deposit of 65 lakhs in a bank. He asked if a bank closes what happens to the deposits? The answer is in the term called “Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation [DICGC]”. We will discuss about DICGC in this article. In a comparatively extravagant world of cryptocurrencies and the stock […]

10 Good Money Habits That Can Change Lives

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The year 2020 was tough (COVID-19). The second wave in the year 2021 seems to be even more lethal. During these times, people have realized that good money habits can prove to be saviors. Whenever humanity comes under stress, people tend to resort to basics. Food, shelter, health, family takes priority. But to better manage […]

Why The ‘Idea of Business’ is More Financial Independence Compatible Than A Job?

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I’ve published an article called how to become rich. It talks about the process of becoming rich by investing. If we can also add an idea of business to the process, the ultimate objective of becoming financially independent will become easier. How? This is what we will learn in this article. If one wants to attain financial independence in life, then […]

Reliance Future-Group Deal: Where The Deal Leaves Future Enterprises Ltd?

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[Note: Subsequent to the Reliance Future-Group deal, the company has been in a legal battle with Amazon. This legal controversy has severely hampered the long-term prospects of Future Group. The below article was written before Amazon intervened and changed the whole scenario.] Reliance retail and future group company entered into a deal on 29 August […]

Why Airline Companies Reports Losses [Indigo, SpiceJet]

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[24-Sep’2020] Considering the COVID led collapse of the market, I was thinking about investing in stocks of Airline Companies. But when I saw their Profit & Loss Accounts for the last five years, I became hesitant. Why? Because even Interglobe Aviation (Indigo) reported loss in last FY ending Mar’20. It is surprising how good airline […]

Strength of Currency: What Makes a Currency Strong?

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There are several factors that improves strength of currency (see this flow chart). When we talk about currency strength – a stronger currency is better, right? But in the world of economics this is not always the case. Majority countries prefer to keep their currency weak over USD. We will see why…(here) Why I researched […]

Why Do We Pay Taxes? What Does Government Do With Tax Money? [India]

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Why do we pay taxes? The tax paid by us becomes a receipt (income) for the government of India. They use the receipts to fund essential expenses like defence, police, judiciary, public health, infrastructure etc. But you will be surprised to note that almost one quarter (23.31%) of the total government expense is spent on […]

Financial Market: Everything About Financial Market Explained in Simple Terms

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When we buy/sell stocks, this trade happens in a financial market. People trading in forex, derivatives, commodities etc do so in a financial market. Even our banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension trusts etc are a participant of financial market. In simple term, we can say that a “financial market” is a phrase used to […]