Gold Investment: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Invest in Gold [India]

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What prompted people towards gold investment? There was a time When the gold standard was used to value currencies. Every paper currency issued had a value directly linked to gold. But in the 1970s, the US decided to shift from Gold Standard to Fiat Money. Thereon, gold became more of an investment vehicle than a […]

Avoid Gold Rush: Gold is Good or Bad Investment Option?

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When I last checked couple of days back, gold price (24 Karat) in India was at Rs.53,000 per 10 gram (20-Aug’20). In last 15 years, gold price surged at rate of about 14.5% per annum. But still the title of this post says “Avoid Gold Rush”. I’m nuts or what? We will see that. Some […]

How to buy government bonds in India?

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When a person wants to buy a risk free investment, which is the best investment vehicle? Government bonds will be the best choice. Why? There are two reasons for it: (a) Government bonds are issued by the central government in India, (b) These bonds are regulated and managed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). What […]

Who can invest in Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs)?

Who can invest in Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs)? What type of investors can consider investing in FMPs? We are all very fond of fixed deposits (FDs). We often use FDs more as a mean of locking our money than as an investment. Why? Because the return of fixed deposits have gone down considerably over a […]

Bitcoin Explained for Laymen


[On 05-Apr’2018, RBI barred all Indian Banks and e-Wallets from providing services to crypto exchanges. But on 04-Mar’2020, the Supreme Court of India lifted this ban. Indian Banks have started transactions with the cryptocurrency exchanges”.] What is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Clear? I don’t think so. So let me try again. Bitcoin is a […]

What is E-Gold Investment in India?

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We know how gold is an investment vehicle. But what is e-gold? All over the world the commodity market is dominated by precious metals like Gold and Silver. In India in year 2010, National Spot Exchange introduced E-Gold. The biggest benefit of E-Gold is that it allows investors to invest in gold with much lower […]

LIC Investment Portfolio

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All in all LIC investment portfolio worth is approx. Rs 8lakh crore. There is a plan to add stocks worth Rs 60,000 Crore in 2013 in LIC investment portfolio. LIC is committed to invest almost 20% of its portfolio in stock market. It is point worth noting that in May’2011, LIC invested nearly Rs 5 […]

Whether Investment in Ola Uber Cab is Profitable?

One of my friend asked me this question, whether investment in Ola Uber Cab is a profitable business prospect? We had no idea of how Ola Uber cab drivers made money. Read more about how to build an alternative income source. So we thought to do some research work. I this I article, we will […]