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How to buy government bonds in India?

When a person wants to buy a risk free investment, which is the best investment vehicle? Government bonds will be the best choice. Why? There are two reasons for it: (a) Government bonds are issued […]

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Bitcoin Explained for Laymen

[Strict regulation in India against Bitcoin trade. On 05-Apr’2018, RBI has barred all Indian Banks and e-Wallets to from “dealing with or providing services to any individuals or business entities dealing with or settling virtual currencies”.] What […]

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What is E-Gold Investment in India?

We know how gold is an investment vehicle. But what is e-gold? All over the world the commodity market is dominated by precious metals like Gold and Silver. In India in year 2010, National Spot […]

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LIC Investment Portfolio

All in all LIC investment portfolio worth is approx. Rs 8lakh crore. There is a plan to add stocks worth Rs 60,000 Crore in 2013 in LIC investment portfolio. LIC is committed to invest almost […]