How can a salaried person become rich?

Mostly it is the business men who become richer than others. But how can a salaried person become rich? Smart business men tend to become rich more frequently than salaried people. Yes, the keyword to become […]

Dosa Economics _ Raghuram Rajan

What is Dosa Economics of Raghuram Rajan?

The Dosa Economics of Raghuram Rajan explains the impact of inflation on our purchasing power. But we already know that high inflation is bad. So why the Ex RBI Governor had to coin the concept of Dosa Economics? […]

Goodyear India Share Price -image

Goodyear India Share Price Analysis

Goodyear India share price is trading at attractive levels? Lets do a fundamental analysis of it. Goodyear is basically brand which originated in USA. Charles Goodyear was the person who discovered the process of vulcanisation […]

JKumar Infraprojects share price -image

J Kumar Infraprojects Share Price Analysis

J Kumar Infraprojects share price has been in doldrums since last 2-3 quarters. J Kumar Infraprojects started its operations around in year 1980’s. In those days they used to maintain buildings of PWD. In a […]