Become a value investor -image

How you can become a value investor?

Why you would like to become a value investor? Because this is one investment strategy that can load heaps of profits over time. But the trick lies in playing the value investing game right to its core. […]

Mahindra and Mahindra share price

Mahindra & Mahindra Share Price Analysis

Mahindra & Mahindra share price has seen only a 2% correction since beginning of May’18. So in terms of price fall, it is not attracting attention. But its business fundamentals looks very decent. Mahindra and […]

Evaluating Financial Health of a Company -workforce

Evaluating Financial Health of a Company

Evaluating financial health of a company is one of the most important aspects of stock analysis. We offer a product which can be used to analyse stocks of companies. It is like a comprehensive tool which can […]

Bajaj Auto Share Price -dominar400

Bajaj Auto Share Price Analysis

Since Feb’2018 Bajaj Auto share price has fallen from Rs.3,200 to Rs.2,760 levels. This is a fall of nearly 13.7% in span of just 3 months. Bajaj Auto is currently ranked among the Top 40 […]

Use Sharpe Ratio -image

Use Sharpe Ratio To Buy Best Mutual Funds

Why it is necessary to use sharpe ratio to identify best mutual funds? Because it is a more reliable way of identification. People who do not know about sharpe ratio, how they select mutual funds? Common practice […]

How Value Investor Screen Stocks -1

How Value Investor Screen Stocks?

What expert value investors does best is estimation of intrinsic value of stocks. But there are 5,000+ stocks in market. They calculate intrinsic value of all stocks? No. This exercise will be too futile. They first shortlist good stocks. How they […]


Vakrangee Share Price Analysis

Vakrangee share price was at Rs.85 levels on Jan’16. By Jan’18 (in 2 years), it price moved up to Rs.505 levels. This was a CAGR growth of 143.7%. But ever since Jan’18, its price is […]

Debt is good or bad for companies-Image

Debt is Good or Bad for Company?

How to know if more debt is good or bad for company? On a personal front, an individual must always try to live a debt free life. But debt for a company, may not be bad. Sure, debt […]