How to buy health insurance policy -yoga

How to buy health insurance policy?

How to buy health insurance? Generally how do we buy a health insurance policy? Do we plan before buying one? In most cases the answer will be no. People mainly buy health insurance policy to […]

Step-up SIP in Mutual Funds -1

What is a Step-up SIP in Mutual Funds?

What is a step-up SIP in mutual funds? How it is different from conventional SIP offered by mutual funds? A step-up SIP works exactly like a conventional SIP. There is no difference. But what a […]


How to measure investment returns?

There are several ways to measure investment returns. Which method is the best? You will surprised to note the number of methods we have, to establish return on investment (ROI). The method that can be used to […]

Why to become debt free- image

Why to become debt free?

Why it essential to become debt free? Living a life under the debt burden is stressful. Only a debt free life can be “free & happy” in real sense. When life if free, we can […]

How To Plan A Home Purchase -image

How to Plan a Home Purchase?

Why it is essential to plan a home purchase? Home is one among the biggest personal purchases one makes in a lifetime. Hence it is only prudent to plan it immaculately before committing any cost. […]