Credit Card

Why not to use credit card?

Do you use credit card? Yes? Do you know why not to use credit card? Read further to know more. This article is written for whom? It targets those people who think using credit card is wise. […]

What is Annuity great investment decision

What is Annuity? Types of Annuity in India

What is annuity? Younger people may not know sufficiently about it. But ask financial advisors, and they will invariably suggest a retired person to buy an annuity. Annuity is not a popular investment vehicle for […]

Advance Tax Payment for Salaried People -image
Income Tax

Advance Tax Payment for Salaried People

Advance tax payment is not only applicable to the rich Bollywood stars and Businessmen. Even a salaried person may require to pay advance tax. How a salaried person can pay advance tax? This is what […]

Limitations of Sec 80C -image
Income Tax

Limitations of Sec 80C: Must Know

Do you know, that there are limitations of Sec 80C that cannot be ignored. Generally, income tax savings that can be claimed under Sec 80C are quite transparent. But when we look into the fine […]