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Shree Cements Share Price Analysis…

Shree Cements share price has caught my attention since last 1.5 months. Its been falling steadily.  Why Shree Cements? If we will prepare a list Top 100 stocks in terms of Market Capitalisation, Shree Cements will […]

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Income Tax

Everything about Income Tax Planning

#1. Introduction Before we go into the details of income tax planning, let’s understand few key principles of income tax first. Income can be generated from diversified sources. Majority earn income from a single source […]

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How to Value a Fixed Deposit (FD)?

What is a fixed deposit, and how to value a fixed deposit? Interesting question, right? We have heard about stock valuation. But “who” values fixed deposits of banks? Whether it is necessary? Is it worth […]

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Investment Tips for Beginners in India

One of the best investment tips for beginners in India is to follow investments consistently and with purpose. Consistently, why? Because irregular investments eventually gets spent. Purpose, why? Because goalless investments also gets spent. What is the purpose […]