How to Record Balance Sheet Transactions: Examples

Every balance sheet transactions recorded by the company, alters its Balance sheet. For investors, it is interesting to understand balance sheet transactions of companies. Though the understanding of balance sheet transactions is not essential, but its […]

How Day Trading Ruined Peoples Life - image

How Day Trading Ruined Peoples Life

This is blog on how day trading ruined peoples life. It is a short report that people must read. I read day trading disaster stories myself. In turn I doubly assure myself that investing is far better […]

Investment Basics - Image

Investment Basics for Beginners in India

A person who wants to start investing money, must be aware of the investment basics. For a beginner, these investment basics will work like a light-house. It’ll show direction, following which the investors will reach […]

Direct Equity Investment - image

Direct Equity Investment in India 2018

Direct equity investment can be very rewarding. Simultaneously this is also true that risk of loss in direct equity is high. People who can balance risk and return while dealing with direct equity are the winners. But how […]


History of inflation in India 2018

What is the history of inflation in India since last 10-15 years? The rate of inflation in India is currently hovering around 4 years low levels. In June’2013 India saw its inflation rate at 4.7%. […]

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Ideal Investment Portfolio Mix – Need Based

An ideal investment portfolio mix must include different types of securities, linked to specific goals. Just listing down few stocks and tracking its performance in Google Finance is not the ideal investment portfolio management style. Tracking performance of […]