Fundamental Analysis of Stocks -image

Fundamental Analysis: Introduction

What we do when we say that we are doing fundamental analysis of stocks? We actually study the underlying business of that stock. To understand the need of fundamental analysis of business, let’s take a […]


Relationship Between GDP and Tax Revenue

There is a strong relationship between GDP and tax revenue. But before we must know what is GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is an indicator of a countries economic health. GDP figure also show how big […]

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What is Compounding Investment Returns?

What is the way we can generate compounding investment returns? To do this we will have to understanding the power of compounding first. Before one starts to invest money, it is important to appreciate the […]

Reproduction Cost Method -image2

Company Valuation by Reproduction Cost Method

Out of all valuation methods, companies valuation by reproduction cost method is most understandable. Valuation of a company is perhaps the most critical aspect of value investing. Value investors tend to value the company more […]

Financial Analysis -image

Value Investing & Financial Analysis

Financial analysis of a company deals with quantitative checks on the company. Why to do these quantitative checks? This is done to evaluate the companies financial health. How quantitative checks are done? By reading the […]

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Value Investing & Circle of Competence

Stock investing must be practiced within ones circle of competence. What does it mean? Value investing is not only about Stock Analysis. It deals more with the core business. Analysts who understand core business of a company, tend […]


Investment options for NRI in USA

What are the investment options for NRI available in India? Indian government promotes investment in India from abroad. This is particularly true for Non Resident Indians (NRI) in USA, Europe, Australia & Middle East. Indian government […]

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What is Value Investing?

What is value investing? Value investing is an investment strategy. One can use value investing to buy quality stocks at undervalued price levels. What means by undervalued price levels? When market price of a stock is below its intrinsic value, it […]