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How to Calculate Absolute PE of stocks?

The logic behind the use of “Absolute PE of stocks” to estimate its intrinsic value is pretty simple. We all know about the utility of conventional PE ratio to value stocks. Market Price = Conventional PE X […]


Utility of Stock Analysis Worksheet

This blog post will highlight the utility of stocks analysis worksheet. It explains how it can analyse stocks. What we intend to do when we analyse stocks? The answer is simple, we want to know, if the […]

MRF Ltd Share Price

Analysis of MRF Ltd Share Price

MRF Ltd finds its name in the Forbes list of India’s Super 50 Companies 2017. MRF Ltd operates in Tyre manufacturing sector. In terms of net sales, MRF Ltd is the number 1 tyre company […]

What are the factors affecting share prices

What are the factors affecting share prices?

There are complex interrelated external and internal factors affecting share prices. Hence, predicting share price movements is hard even for pro investors. Why investors must be aware of these external factors that affect share prices? The reason […]